XML Seminar

These are the slides for a XML seminar I held in september 2000. It is meant for beginners, who want to get an idea of XML and the surrounding technologies.

Session 1: XML Introduction / related technologies (2 MB)
Session 2: Information Modeling with XSD and DTD (2,3 MB)
Session 3: XML Rendering and Transformation with XSL (1,7 MB)
Session 4: XML APIs (SAX, DOM) and Databases, Outlook (XSQL, SVG, SOAP) (0,7 MB)

The format of the slides is PDF 1.4 (You need the Acrobat Reader or Ghostview to view them).

The basis for this seminar was the XML Bootcamp 2000 held by XML Solutions in Boston.

For questions and comments please write to Horst at Virtual-Horst dot de.

Horst Rechner